mercoledì 20 febbraio 2008

Lasciatela lavorare!!!

by Unknown
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Nella foto sopra, la Carlucci che spara cazzate.

> February 14, 2008
> Sr. Romano Prodi
> Prime Minister
> Dear Sir:
> I have been shown the contents of a slanderous letter written to you
> by S.ra Gabriella Carlucci, MP and dated February 7, 2008.
> This letter was published in Puglia-Live and has been widely
> disseminated.
> It falsely claims that I have questioned the scientific competence of
> Prof. Luciano Maiani, the recently elected President of the CNR, and
> had opposed his appointment at CERN.
> These utterly invidious and untrue allegations were part of a more
> general attempt to belittle the scientific standing of Prof. Maiani.
> The letter denigrates his scientific accomplishments over the years
> and those of his colleagues, Profs. Cabibbo, Parisi and Petronzio,
> whose work was claimed to have caused serious damage to the image of
> Italian physics worldwide. Not so!
> The remarks that S.ra. Carlucci attributes to me are wholly untrue and
> malicious.
> Prof. Maiani played a key role in our collaboration decades ago, for
> which he was duly recognized internationally by the awards of the
> highly regarded Dirac Medal and Sakurai Prize. Maiani's many research
> publications have been cited well over 8000 times (not including the
> 3600 citations to our joint work).
> I have never written, suggested or thought anything remotely
> disparaging about the skill and accomplishments of this stellar
> Italian scientist.
> The more general arguments in S.ra. Carlucci's letter are equally
> false, slanderous and malicious.
> I, and my colleagues worldwide, have the highest regard for the many
> outstanding contributions of Italian theorists to particle physics,
> among whom Profs. Cabibbo, Petronzio and Parisi (as well as Maiani)
> are leading luminaries and indeed may be regarded as' 'heirs to
> No event associated with their distinguished scientific careers has
> ever caused the slightest damage to the image of Italian physics.
> In the eyes of a foreign scholar, if there is anything that can damage
> the image of your country's scientific institutions, it is the
> vulgarity and deception of this slanderous attempt at denigration of
> some of your nation's most distinguished scientists.
> Sincerely,
> Sheldon L. Glashow
> Nobel Laureate
> Foreign Member, Accademia dei Lincei

Quella che avete appena letto è la lettera che il premio nobel Glashow ha dovuto scrivere a Romano Prodi per difendere la reputazione del fisico italiano Luciano Maiani, nominato responsabile del CNR, dalle accuse di incompetenza mosse da... Carlo Rubbia? Carlo Rovelli? no!!!!! da GABRIELLA CARLUCCI!!!!!!

La lettera che ha scritto la Carlucci è questa.

Ma dico io... anzi no, non dico niente, va'...

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Nick ha detto...

Certo che i Profs. Cabibbo, Parisi and Petronzio non se possono senti'!!!

Carlo Manara ha detto...

Attenzione parte la contro-lettera:

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