martedì 1 febbraio 2011

Chris Ware talks

by Unknown

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"Yeah, I mean, fundamentally, [making comics] it’s an art of composition, the same way that, if you’re a musician or a composer especially, you’re trying to compose something that is coherent and holds together, the same way that our memories are coherent and hold together, but our experiences are not. We take in our experiences and then put them together in a way that makes sense to our personalities and explains our lives and our friends. But the experience itself can be very incoherent and sort of uncomfortable. I guess that sounds pretentious. I should just be telling dumb jokes".

Segnalo, per gli appassionati, una bella intervista di Chris Ware, l'autore di Jimmy Corrigan: il ragazzo più in gamba sulla terra, pubblicata sul sito di TCJ.

Prima parte

Seconda Parte

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